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We are just 2 mediocre guys talking about their subpar lives (and sports). It all started reviewing our own Fantasy Football League and has evolved into this...whatever this is. 

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Allen's Rankings

My name is Allen and I'm to F stuff up. 


Rapid Dave's Corner

We'll see what we get into this year.

Beer Recommendations

Recommend your favorite beer to us and if we choose it to review it we'll send you a koozie, sticker and give you a shout out on the live FaceBook show. Who doesn't love free stuff? Submit your favorite beer on Facebook or send directly to

Prop Bets and BS


This is where we keep all the bets between the group.


Polar Bear Bet - Jason Witten Not Top 10 TE.

WON - Can't Throw Baseball over 45 MPH at Draft vs Ryno & Rapid Dave WHEEL Bet

Rapid Dave

LOSE - Allen Threw Baseball over 45 MPH - WHEEL Bet


Polar Bear Bet -Jason Witten Top 10 TE

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